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The Clock Has Wound Down…!

June 8, 2018

You might be wondering why we gave away Always Look for the Magic by Bonnie Manning Anderson for FREE (and now for the low cost of $3.97)…Always Look for the Magic by [Manning Anderson, Bonnie]

There are a few reasons for book giveaways.

  1. To make you fall in love with the author’s writing and characters so you’ll buy the new book. That isn’t why we’re doing Bonnie’s book for free, though. She will have a new book in 2019, if not earlier (right, Bonnie?!)
  2. Reviews are vital to a book’s success. We put Bonnie’s book on your Kindle FOR FREE because we want you to review it on Amazon. Go ahead, be brutally honest. It’s a great book and we don’t fear negative comments because you’d have to be wacko to dislike it. Amazonians look to reviews. The more reviews, the more likely people will buy it. If you’ve downloaded it (and you should, even for $3.97!), read and review, please. Or if your child reads it, review with their insights.
  3. Ranking: The more people who downloaded it, the higher the book goes in Amazon ranking, which gives it preferential display on Amazon. Again, sales oriented.
  4. We’re not just profit-oriented, though, we’re reader-focused. Who doesn’t like a great yarn they get for free?
  5. Teachers don’t make a lot of money. They can preview a book worthy to add to their reading list for students. And Always Look for the Magic is a great student reading assignment. Ideal for English and History classes, Bonnie’s book should be on every reading list.
  6. Sales, reviews, and ranking also motivate a writer to sit down and write! I can tell you when I got a phone call from a reader of my novel Do Angels Still Fall (not free, but low-cost on Amazon), the eagerness of her questions made be burn to write another book (I did, Me and the Maniac in Outer Space. It’s a big book, also low-cost as Kindle and slightly more expensive as a paperback).
  7. You win when you encourage a writer to write. Good stories lower stress, improved outlook, and it helps you lose weight (OK, one of those isn’t true; I’ll let you guess which one).

This is a link-heavy post, and kick me for not posting this earlier, but MEET BONNIE! This YouTube video gives you a look into her story.  It’s still inexpensive, download it TODAY. If you call me friend, or Bonnie friend, or want a great story, do it, do it, do it!

Also learn about Bonnie on her author page!

You’ll be glad you did. And just think, you can get all the books above for the cost of a single hardcopy book. This looks like a weekend for reading…

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