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Yes! You Should Own a Kindle!

June 7, 2018

There, I said it. In today’s world, you should own a Kindle. I should know, I own 15 of ‘em (each family member has a couple early generations, a PaperWhite, and a Fire. We are a Kindle family. For the record, I also own a Barnes & Nobel Nook for some reason that I can’t fathom.)

I can hear it now: “I love the smell of books!” Fine, Amazon has many Book-scented candles, and there’s even book-scented perfume, so dab some on your wrists and you’ll get a whiff every time you swipe.

“I love to turn the pages!” Swiping, turning, same motion. And no one is saying you need to give up paper books. I still read ‘em, yet still have a Kindle. Where you carry a book, I carry a library. If you’re a magazine lover, how often have you misplaced one, lost one, spilled coffee on one, had a spouse who threw out the six-foot stack of yellowed magazines?  I have my magazines in the Newstand tab. Never lost, never yellowed, and coffee doesn’t sink in and stain.

Amazon has priced them so low you can’t/shouldn’t say no. $49 for a Fire. That’s a good, cheap tablet. My wife plays games on hers, my daughter watches NetFlix on hers, another YouTube, one listens to books being read to her. We even have cookbooks on them. You can cruise the Internet, subscribe to blogs, and text, Skype, or even write.

Here are my top seven reasons for owning a Kindle:

7.  Never get stuck without something to read. Sure, you can read things on your phone, but that can’t be good for your eyes.

6.  Save the rain forest. Paper books, while wonderful, are an ecological disaster. Save a tree, buy a Kindle.

5.  Declutter your life. I admit we haven’t. We have stacks of magazines, books, games, yet we could throw away almost all of them.

4.  Mini-tablets are used more than full-sized tablets. My Kindle goes everywhere with me; my tablet doesn’t. For one thing, the tablet is expensive and I don’t want to risk losing it. The Fire is smaller, fits my back pocket in a pinch, and is easy to replace.

3.  Mental diversion. Yes, you can check Facebook and all that, but sometimes your mind needs a break. Solitaire, chess, Amazon shopping (!), and a bunch of other free games.

2.  Without a Kindle, you’re missing hundreds of thousands of books that aren’t in the bookstore or library. Traditional publishing is caving; non-traditional publishers and self-publishers are circumventing the uninterested traditional publishers and using Amazon as their sole storefront. With free services like Awesome Gang, BookBub and many others, you can get lists of free and low-cost indie books available on Amazon. I’ll be the first to admit, there are some horribly written self-published books. Some of the ones from BookBub at the beginning were bad, but most that I’ve been getting in the last year are good, some have been great. You can curate the kinds of books they notify you about. These are authors promoting their books, offering great deals.

Always Look for the Magic by [Manning Anderson, Bonnie]1. THE NUMBER ONE REASON I think you should own a Kindle is to get Prevail Press books. They are always low-cost in the Kindle format, also available in print, and sometime (like NOW), we do promotions with FREE books. For no other reason to have a Kindle, it’s to enjoy Bonnie Manning Anderson’s wonderful book Always Look for the Magic absolutely FREE (until tomorrow, so get it today!).

The publishing world has irrevocably changed. The big publishing houses are only publishing books that will be hits; authors with giant platforms, and trend-of-the-moment books that don’t even have to be good (re: Twilight) are traditionally published, the only requirement is a sure-fire best-seller. This is a degradation of their brand is going to soon put bookstores out of business. Nothing wrong with profit, but great stories are turned down because it doesn’t fit the current trend.

No disrespect to owners of Nooks, but they are high-cost, severely limited devices. They don’t read Kindle books, so you’re losing out on millions of books, and I suspect they will no longer have a storefront to tap into. Prediction, Barnes & Noble will close their doors within three years and their online store will die within two years after that.

Kindle’s where it’s at, baby!

Own a Kindle? Tell us how you use yours – I just scratched the surface of what they can do.

And get Always Look for the Magic absolutely FREE today!

Visit Prevail Press!

*This is not a paid endorsement, I don’t even have a referral account. All these opinions are mine, and therefore right, and your mileage may vary.

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  1. June 7, 2018 9:07 pm

    You have convinced me to upgrade my Kindle. I think mine is first or second generation and you can’t even swipe on it! It must be ten years old. Ancient!

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