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Do You Know What Your Children Are Reading?

June 6, 2018

* It seems the world is intent on making our kids grow up faster than they should. From gory, adult-themed TV shows and movies (many based on kid’s stories) to, even more insidiously, in the books they read.

Color me surprised to find things like cutting, hashing, sharking, and other self/other-harm practices in the stories kids and teens are reading today.

I realize that’s the pot calling the kettle black; I had no restrictions on reading material when I was a kid. I read JAWS as a pre-teen, and other brown-paper bag books as a child. I can attest to what reading such adult-themed material can do to a forming brain (I’m still scrubbing my mind daily).

Imagine my surprise when I discovered young-reader books with horrible content.

As a publisher, I’m dedicated to keeping kid’s books for kids (that includes my own books, which have evolving themes, but don’t tread into crude or damaging material).

Image result for always look for the magicThat’s why I’m so excited about Always Look for the Magic by Bonnie Manning Anderson. Her Depression-era characters are KIDS. Real, wonderful, kids who face challenges appropriate for their age (that’s saying something with the adult-stress that existed during the Depression). How did Bonnie do it? She had her hero’s parents treat their children as parents did, shielding them from the harsher truths of life. We could learn something there. It’s also why it’s a joy for adults to read; there is a level between the lines that they can pick up but their kids won’t.

And don’t for a second think her story is watered-down. It’s not. It’s both delightful and real. Artie wants to be a magician and he pursues that dream as a boy would, taking his and his brother in one misadventure after another.

I think you should meet Artie, Tommy, and Paul, so much so that Always Look for the Magic is FREE in Kindle format for a few more days! Ideal for grade school readers, historical fiction readers, and American nostalgia enthusiasts, this book is a quick, fun read. Get it today!

Don’t have a Kindle? Read tomorrow’s post, but don’t despair now, because with the free Kindle App, you can read ebooks on your tablet, phone or computer.

*Cross-pollinated from my other blog to reach all my readers. If you’re seeing both, forward one to a friend. 🙂

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