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Labor of Love

June 5, 2018

Yesterday (and many other days), I alluded to how important child/parent relationships are and how regular conversation is desperately important to becoming a well-adjusted adult (presuming the conversations are appropriate).

Bonnie Manning Anderson is a great example of the principle, not only with how she and Bob raised their kids, but also the relationship she has with her parents.

Always Look for the Magic (FREE on Amazon through Friday; get your copy today!) is based on a fictionalize account of her mother and father’s youth. Artie is a version of Bonnie’s father Arthur. He really was a talented magician and started his journey much as Artie did; her uncle was her dad’s best friend, and her mother really was… but that would be giving it away, now, wouldn’t it?

How accurate is the story? While it was Bonnie’s dad’s stories that inspired the book, it was her mother’s memories that fleshed out the era with great detail.

Does that mean this wonderful book is really Historical NON-Fiction? Not at all. It might be an alternate universe version of her dad (but it isn’t science fiction), yet Bonnie’s Artie is an homage to her dad, but Artie is his own man (or boy).

Funny story, I wasn’t really getting along with my dad when I was an idiot teenager, but he was the first person I ever voted for. I didn’t tell him that at the time, but it tickled him when I finally did tell him.

Image result for always look for the magicImagine being Bonnie. Her FIRST BOOK is about her love for her parents! Her first draft was finished before Arthur passed away; he got to hear it, and I guarantee he was blessed by it… an understatement, I’m sure.

That’s a book that should be read! Did I mention you can get it free today and through Friday? But don’t wait, get it today!

When you click the link and see that it’s the Kindle version that is free and you don’t have a Kindle (buy one!), don’t worry, you can download the Kindle App and read it on your tablet or computer.

Don’t forget to leave a review when you finish this great book!

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