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Lazy Days and Sundays

June 4, 2018

As a kid in grade school, chances were good that if you stopped by my house on any given day you’d find me on the couch with my nose buried in a book.

My standards were pretty simple:  A story had to transport me to somewhere else with a seamless experience that never dropped me from the location. Simple, but not easy, as any author can tell you.

By those standards, Always Look for the Magic by Bonnie Manning Anderson is a Image result for always look for the magicflyaway success. From the first pages, I was immersed in a world not my own. The Great Depression was long before my time; mine was a period of TV, refrigerators, microwaves and blue jeans.

Artie’s world had no TV, but radio, no quickie kitchen gadgets, and clothes that might have included suspenders and knee-high pants. I knew what it was like to live a life close to the ground instead with a head in the airwaves.

What I love about this book (besides that it’s FREE in Kindle format on Amazon until this Friday) is that the world of yesterday comes alive! Problem-solving was a hands-on experience, not a Google search away. As a result, Artie and his pals concoct schemes and plans to achieve their vague goals that go horribly wrong. What fun!

From an adult perspective, I feel for the parents trying to keep their kids in ignorance of the fiscal nightmare that was the 20’s (and perhaps is a bit too real for some of our world’s struggling citizens today). You see, a good grade school book has to show some of the adult world that goes over the main character’s AND the young reader’s heads, and therefore is enjoyable by adult readers, as well.

This is important because (hear my constant refrain) parents and their kids MUST have conversations if the kids are going to come out right. When we stop talking to our kids is when we start losing them. Books are a great way to open discussion. This book is ideal for that. Your children might have questions about the time period, where your family was at that time, where YOU or your parents were at that time… This is how kids lay roots.

For the rest of the week, Always Look for the Magic is FREE on Amazon in the Kindle format. Do you prefer a hardcopy book? That’s available too, not free, but still a steal.

Go ahead, get transported!

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